Sagrada Familia & Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I finally went to “La Sagrada Familia”, arguably the most visited tourist attraction in all of Spain, and it was absolutely incredible. Meaning “The Sacred Family” in English, this is Antoni Gaudi’s (the famous architect) most notable building, and by the end of its completion will be the largest/tallest Catholic church in the entire world. I visited with my Art and Architecture class group, so it was nice to have our professor there with us as a sort of tour guild. And the more complex understanding I got out of going with a class made this beautiful building even more incredible, as I had a more deeper appreciation for the geometric, mathematical, and scientific innovations that were implemented into the building’s layout that allowed for this church to be so much more unique and different than anything constructed prior.

IMG_4302 IMG_4309 IMG_4327 IMG_4332 IMG_4336 IMG_4345

This week was also Thanksgiving, which really made me miss home and spending time with family and friends. Our school’s program here was nice enough to take us all to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant here that serves American food. We had everything from turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie to collard greens, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Since our group has grown closer over the past two and a half months, it was nice to have dinner with our school “family” here. I was also able to Skype with both sides of my family back home, and am excited to see everyone for Christmas. Just two and a half more weeks until I’m on my flight home to California!

IMG_4376 IMG_4389thanks13

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